2016 Conference

Tempennton: Anthropology Graduate Student 

4th Annual Conference 2016

Fetish and Fetishization

Come join the Anthropology graduate students from UPenn, Princeton and Temple University in our discussion of fetish and fetishization.

The conference will held in Widener Auditorium in the Penn Museum on February 19, 2016.


10:00 am Opening Remarks

Panel 1:  Fetish, Materiality and the Past

10:10 am: Kyle Olson, UPenn

What makes a Fetish a Fetish? On the Materiality and Agency of Things  

10:30 am: Nicole Nathan, Temple University

Gifts from God: Fetishization of Charitable Gifts During Short-Term Mission Encounters 

10:50 am: Lise Puyo, UPenn

Native American Patrimony and Fetishization at Parisian Auctions 

11:10 am: Discussant: Dr. Lauren Ristvet, PhD., Associate Professor of Anthropology at UPenn

11:30: Break for Lunch

Panel 2: Fetish, Commodification and Ideology

12:30 pm: Sarah Carson, UPenn

 Commodity Formulations and Coffee Culture: Starbucks and the “Basic Bitch” 

12:50 pm: Nathan Jessee, Temple University

Encountering “Resilience”: Disasters, Media, and the Violence of Visibility  

1:10 pm: Kristina Nielsen, UPenn

The Commodification of ‘Culture’: Time, Power and Context in Indian Call Center Training 

1:30 pm: Autumn Zellers León, Temple University

Accumulation by Cultural Dispossession: The Drug Trade, Global Commodities, and Indigenous Youth in Cauca, Colombia  

1:50 pm: Discussant: Dr. Marina Mikhaylova, PhD., Assistant Professor (Teaching/Instructional) of Anthropology at Temple University